Refractory Testing

Modern Refractory Inc. operates its own state-of-the-art testing laboratory, regulated by a stringent in-house quality control program. Our equipment, operated by API 936 certified personnel, evaluates the integrity and reliability of your existing refractories and the suitability of refractories for your new projects. All tests are carried out according to API 936 and ASTM specifications.

Refractory Inspection Services - ASTM Refractory Testing
Refractory Inspection Services - Refractory shutdown analysis

Whether you need a cause/failure analysis because of a refractory issue, or you need a routine shutdown analysis, or you want to test a new refractory material for a repair or new project, you can count on Modern Refractorys inspection services to deliver accurate testing results that, combined with the expert analysis of our highly qualified inspectors, will guide you through the next phases of your project.

Our refractory testing services include:

  • Preparation of Castables and Specimens
  • Firing of Refractory Samples
  • On-site Inspection and Sampling
  • A Full Array of Laboratory Tests (e.g., apparent porosity, specific gravity, bulk density, cold crushing strength, abrasion resistance, permanent linear change.)
Refractory Inspection Services - The pre-installation qualification of castable refractory materials