Risk Based Inspections

Risk-based inspections (RBI) have been shown to provide significant benefits through mechanical integrity and turnaround cost optimization, as well as overall risk exposure reduction. Typical return on investment over a four-year turnaround cycle is on the order of 4:1. The cost savings do not always come from reduced inspection costs, but savings can also be achieved from reduced mechanical expenses.

Targeted Approach

Modern Refractory Inc. verifies and evaluates the precise data needed to perform an objective, quantitative risk assessment. We optimize this process by exporting historical data, combined with as found conditions and input it in our Risk Based Inspection program to create specific criteria in identifying repair areas and/or areas that meet specifications qualifying them for another run.

Standardised Methods

Modern Refractory Inc. blends our decades of experience with API and ANSI/ASTMM standards in concert with our Consulting, Inspections and Testing procedures providing professional formatted reports enriched with detailed photos, charts, and CAD drawings.

Probability and Consequence Risk Matrix
Probability and Consequence Risk Matrix

Training and Technology

All of our highly skilled Inspectors are trained in the use of our RBI System and are also involved in the updating process. Modern Refractory Inc. specializes in assisting our Clients in keeping their risk assessments evergreen. This includes the preparation of Management of Change Work Processes to ensure that the RBI software files are always kept updated. The facility can understand in real time where the high risks are, what they must do to reduce them and what the savings will be.

Risk Assessment

Our risk assessments identify, evaluate and prioritize damage mechanisms that are likely to occur in process equipment. The risk assessment the accurately predicts the likelihood and consequence of failure for fixed equipment.

Risk Plot