Modern Refractory Inc.

Modern Refractory Inc. is a full service inspection company, providing clients with a full array of refractory inspection services. Our refractory inspection division has access to a state of the art laboratory with advanced refractory testing capabilities.

It is staffed with API certified 936 Inspectors and Technicians that possess hands-on experience with managing major refractory projects, modern installation methods, engineering designs, project planning and scheduling.

We assist Clients with refractory inspections covering a number of different types of process equipment, including:

  • Heaters / Furnaces
  • SRU / Thermal Reactors / Converters
  • Incinerators
  • Cement and Lime Kilns

Our Services Include

API 936 inspector

Engineering Consulting

  • Review Project Specifications and Plans
  • Develop work scope definitions
  • Review Contractor Procedures and ITP’s
  • Prepare Final Report and Recommendations

Refractory Inspection

  • On-site Installation surveillance
  • Pre and Post Dry-out Inspections
  • Final Documentation
AA22s speed hex installation
Gunite Applicator Prequalification Test

Quality Assurance

  • Pre-qualifications of materials and installers
  • Period on-site quality verification


  • Castables Preparation
  • Firing of Refractory Samples
  • Apparent Porosity, Specific Gravity and Bulk Density
  • Permanent Linear Change
  • Cold Crushing Strength
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Consultations and on-site inspection and sampling
ASTM Refractory Testing